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Gastrointestinal Tract Pathologies

    Oesophagitis Can be caused by the reflux of acid from the stomach through the cardiac sphincter initially causing heartburn, but long-term reflux causes bleeding, ulcer formation and scarring. The scarring can cause the narrowing of the oesophageal passage which results in problems swallowing Hiatus Hernia Sometimes called a sliding hiatus hernia happens when part of the stomach slides through the diaphragmatic opening that … Continue reading Gastrointestinal Tract Pathologies

The Explainer | Types of Heart Failure

The human circulatory system is a two-part system, whose purpose is bringing blood rich in oxygen to the tissue and the body. When the heart contracts it pushes the blood out into two significant loops or cycle. In the systemic loop, the blood circulates into the blood system, bringing oxygen to all the organs, and tissues and collecting carbon dioxide waste. In the pulmonary circuit, … Continue reading The Explainer | Types of Heart Failure

The Clotting Process

When the skin is penetrated or simply cut, some processes┬ábegin to seal the injury site, thereby preventing blood loss. Haemostasis is the process is that the body has to prevent blood loss, it has three stages, vascular, platelet and coagulation phases. Vascular Phase. When the blood vessels are cut the smooth muscles of the blood vessels contract in the area of the damage. The aim … Continue reading The Clotting Process

Below is a List of some Childhood Disorders and Diseases

  Cystic Fibrosis This is a genetic disorder that does not just affect the respiratory system, it is the most lethal autosomal recessive disorder in the white population. The exocrine glands are affected resulting in the overproduction of thick secretion that block body passages, in particular, the lungs thereby clogging the lungs. Clogging the lungs causes breathing difficulties as well as mucus trapping bacterial increase … Continue reading Below is a List of some Childhood Disorders and Diseases