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The Complexities of Equality

Equality before the Law Equality before the law is a very important principle in the legal system, all judicial officers take an oath to implement the law without fear, fervour, affection or ill will. Judges, Lawyers, and all the judicial offices have an obligation to treat people fairly regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religious affiliation and social economic status. Equality can be split into two … Continue reading The Complexities of Equality

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Corruption In Zambia

  President Lungu’s Mind on Corruption Every reasonable citizen would expect a President of a country to be on higher moral ground, transparent, to have Integrity, accountable and having the interest of the nation at heart, at the minimum. It has become easy for anyone with a pulse to know the mind of the Zambian President, Edgar Chagwa Lungu, concerning corruption in the country without … Continue reading Corruption In Zambia

Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System

Mental health presents legal issues when crimes are committed, especially when dealing with killing or murder. Under Commonwealth law in Australia, unsoundness of mind can be used as a defence to a criminal charge. Application of this law means that people who are charged with a crime cannot enter a plea or be found guilty because of a mental disorder.Instead, they become forensic patients. For the courts to determine mental … Continue reading Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System

Should Medical Practitioners Help Patients Die?

 Defining words like Death and dying is currently a lot more complicated than in times past, this is largely due to advances in medicine. To help us understand the ethics surrounding assistive suicide, below are some general definitions. Death –  There are several definitions of death, medically this is the cessation of all vital bodily functions, and there are stages, a person can be brain-dead but … Continue reading Should Medical Practitioners Help Patients Die?